HolySharks combines Collectible, RPG, Idle, Gacha, MOB, and Blockchain elements, developed on websites and mobile platforms. Besides, we aim to be able to launch on many different Blockchain platforms to diversify users.
With the desire to bring users the best and fastest product, we will prioritize running on the BSC platform with many users and the most reasonable transaction fees. To ensure each Quest is completed within two months, we are currently recruiting four more full-time devs.
The following roadmap will provide an overview of the significant changes:

Quest 1: Launch series 1 – Sharks ( Q4/2021):

Introducing our first series in the ocean world: the Shark Crew! Collectible, adorable, friendly, and limited.

Quest 2: Opening marketplace + Voting for series 2 (Q4/2021)

Grand opening marketplace. NFT Holders will have voting rights for characters that will appear in series 2.

Quest 3: Reward for holders (Q1/2022)

NFT holders will receive the revenue of NFT sales in series one as a reward for supporters in the early stages of the project.

Quest 4: Auction ( Q1/2022)

Open the Auction function on the marketplace, allowing all users to liquidate rare items at the most suitable price in the fixed time - best liquidation.

Quest 5: Launch series 2 ( Q1/2022)

Open for sale of characters in series two based on the previous Voting.
Quest 6: Game-fi, Ocean economy, and many more!
  • Governance
  • Play to Earn
  • Release Holysharks main version on iOS/ Android/Window
Quest 7: Ocean economy, and many more! ( Q2/2022)
Announce more game mechanisms to diversify the ecosystem, helping tokens flow evenly in the system.
Quest 8: DEFI Lending, DEX (Q3/2022) + Voting for Series 3
Develop and integrate DEFI LENDING, DEX to Holysharks to build a closed economy. Everyone can work, earn and live in Holysharks forever
Quest 9: All in one (Q1/2023 - Q2/2023)
Integrate all of Holysharks ecosystem into one game that everyone can participate in Ocean economy easier by using VR technology.
  • Social network
  • Marketplace
  • New auction model
  • Sharks programming ( Leveling, evolution)
  • PvP tournament and world ranking
  • Crop, mining, breeding on Holylands
  • PvE/ working mode
  • World boss
Quest 10: Great economy (Q4/2023)
  • Launch Series 3: Open for sale of characters in Series 3 based on the previous Voting.
  • Build the missing parts to increase the efficiency of the ocean economy.
  • Developers and producers can create games & business models using existing Holysharks assets and integrate them into the ocean economy.
HolySharks Roadmap
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