Ocean Economy
More than just an Art Collection platform, Holysharks has a huge ambition to build a new level of NTFs Games that integrates with Metaverse to deliver the wonderful experiences - Ocean Economy.
Holysharks creates a universe where the citizens of Sharks can gather to develop social networks, engaging in more than 15 infrastructure sectors. Holysharks creates an economic system where users can own "everything" needed to build a stable, booming economy and make a continuous and sustainable profit in HolyWorld.
The HolySharks Games will include farming, Breeding, and Mining. Farming: Participate in farming activities and work on a farm to plant and grow crops,wait to harvest them, and take your agricultural product. Breeding: Raising the cattle you want in the shed like: chicken, pig, duck, cow…, taking care of them, and waiting to collect your fat and juicy meat so you can feed your NFTs shark. Mining: Spent hour and hour digging in the mine to get resources like GDC and HLS. If you are lucky, you might get a GEMSTONE ( temporarily increase NTFS attributes )
All of these ingredients generated in those three activities (Field, Shed, Mine) will be used to upgrade and empower your NFTs shark and prepare for the battle in the Holywar. The stronger your characters are, the easier it is for you to win the fight and the reward for every win is GDC so you can make a profit. Don’t hesitate to manufacture to upgrade and empower your NFTs shark to be king of the ocean.
HolyWar Space
Experience and win each area in the Monster undersea of HolyWorld. Players need the training to level up and earn GDC through battles, get experience bonus and GDC ( the currency in HolySharks ) We also have the Holywar battle program for the attractiveness and thrill of the game. To increase their competitive advantage in the arena, players need to use the production process materials to evolve their sharks. When the shark has reached the desired strength, the player uses it to participate in Holywar (PvP, PvE, ranking ...) and bring back the spoils of GDC.
Build your own empire. By collecting many shark citizens and lots of lands, you can build the Holyland, where you are the emperor and run your own politics. When your kingdom becomes powerful, you can challenge other kingdoms, and of course, the reward for the winner is super attractive.
Commercial and Entertainment
Commerce will consist of: trading products of manufacture, trading NFTs (sharks), and selling real estate (land and houses) in the game. There are also entertainment services such as fishing, pet racing games, rock-paper-scissors... with simple gameplay, but the rewards are not small.
Bank System (Lender & Borrower)
Lenders who hold an amount of GDC, HLS tokens, or NFTs Sharks can deposit to the Holy Bank and lend to other users to receive the profits shared. Borrowers are required to mortgage a specific type of asset to borrow. Further, borrowers are responsible for returning the total principal amount with the interest fee to the Holy Bank, and the Bank will return to lenders with an appropriate interest rate. After joining our bank system and complete you can get HLS Token as a reward as our incentives gift to encourage people who participate in our system.
Ocean Economy Introduction
Welcome to the Ocean economy!!
Summary, With many years of experience in the crypto market, mentored by leading financial experts, Holysharks aspires to become one of the widely known projects and increase the value of the HLS token. Those elements make up the Ocean economy in Holysharks, which you won't find elsewhere. We will continue to build this economy as close to reality as possible. So why are you still waiting? Hurry up, make yourself a member of the world’s best economic system! You know what it is, right? It is the Ocean Economy!
Holysharks’ s Contact
Website | https://holysharks.io
Twitter | https://twitter.com/HolySharksNFT
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/holysharks.io
Telegram Channel | https://t.me/holysharksANN
Telegram Group | https://t.me/holysharks
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