HolyShark Mission
In-game Treasure
Holysharks was built as an exciting and beneficial way to introduce the world to the most excellent blockchain economy ever - the Ocean economy.
We are bringing people a whole new economic system where users can own "everything" needed to build a stable economy, benefiting themselves and others.
Users will help the Ocean economy explode, then make a profit continuously and sustainably in HolyWorld. Besides, they will enjoy many opportunities in the speculative futures market - including NFT and HLS holdings, which represent the revenue and performance of HolySharks.
When the Ocean economy releases in 2022, players can earn a governance token, HLS, which represents the revenue and effectiveness of Holysharks. All players can make this token by playing, and Holy Players start to participate in special quests to earn a hefty bounty.
Nevertheless, the winners do not take all of the rewards. Each player, based on their power and ability, will share the reward.
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