HolySharks Governance Token (HLS)
  • Token Name: HLS Token.
  • Ticker: HLS.
  • Blockchain: BSC.
  • Token Standard: BEP-20.
  • Contract: Announced at TGE.
  • Token type: Utility.
  • Total Supply: 600,000,000 HLS.
  • Circulating Supply: 11,100,000 HLS.
  • Initial cap: 444,000$.
HLS - Token Emission
HLS Token Use Case:
  • Governance: HLS holders can stake HLS to have the right to vote for desired features.
  • Staking: HLS holders can stake HLS to receive weekly rewards.
  • Payment: HLS is used to be a currency on the marketplace. Using HLS payment will reduce fees in the marketplace.
  • Evolution fee: Use HLS or GDC to evolve Sharks.
  • Stored value assets: 90% of Holysharks revenue is the rest of Holy treasury that will buy back HLS to keep and increase the sustainable HLS price. Then, We use indirect and direct ways to do it, including organizing incentives programs, events, and marketing campaigns - everything to attract new users or burn HLS if a month has no plan.
Why hold HLS:
  • HLS holders will participate in the administration of the Holysharks platform.
  • Receive 5% of revenue directly from the Treasury.
  • Preferential policies for HLS holders when they become game contributors (e.g., playing games or voting).
  • Get Staking rewards.
  • Create Buying Demand: To evolve, players must use HLS as a fee.
  • 5% fee from trading activities on Marketplace => Buyback HLS => Burn/event.
  • 5% of revenue is distributed to HLS holders. The rest will be used for two purposes: Developing the Holysharks community by redistributing to players through tournament activities, games, etc., thereby capturing value for HLS indirectly because the more the community grows, the more HLS holders also enjoy the profit.
  • Create Incentives to encourage HLS holders to join the Holysharks platform.
  • Reduced fees for NFT transactions.
  • Other preferential policies.
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