HolyShark NFTs
HolySharks Gods
Holyshark NFT is not only a collectible value, but it is also a character in the game with the same shape and parts as in NFT and through which players can participate in in-game activities to earn rewards. Each character in the Gameplay is entirely different, showing the uniqueness of NFTs throughout the Gameplay.
An NFT is a random combination of more than 14 parts with an altogether different rarity, each with many different variations creating an extraordinarily diverse and rich collection. Our goal is to personalize not only the collection of NFTs but also the characters in the game, thereby helping to increase the value of NFT by its intrinsic value.
HolyShark's Parts
The rarity is also divided according to the total score of each part. Each part will have a certain number of power points, which will be inversely proportional to the rarity.
Check out the rarity and classification of each part here:
HolyShark Gallery


Marketplace supports the listing of NFTs, providing users with many types of Filters to find their desired NFTs as quickly as possible. There is a mechanism to encourage users to buy and sell with HLS with a fee reduction of only 2.5% on trading volume compared to 5% for trading in BNB on the system.
Besides buying and selling on the marketplace, users can also participate in auctions for rare items. These costs are all transferred to the HLS Treasury and will be used to develop marketing and reward loyal users. We want to give a big bounty to supporters who have been with us since the beginning of the project.
HolySharks Marketplace
A few reasons why to hold these NFTs:
  • Gain rewards from 5% of the Holy treasury.
  • NFT holders will earn of the revenue generated by NFT sales. Each step will have a distinct distribution method.
    • In Stage 1: 9% for nine gods
    • In Stage 2: the second NFT sale, 18% is divided among 18 gods.
  • Airdrop 1 Pet (NFTs will help strengthen Sharks in future Battles).
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