The map for PVE includes a path determined by Length, the further the character goes, the more rewards the player gets. Monsters will be distributed based on strength the further away from the starting point, the higher the difficulty, and of course the stronger the monster.
HolyShark Arena
At the start, the Character will have a full Stamina bar (Stamina bar = 100), as the Character begins his journey in this area, the Stamina bar will gradually decrease with the distance from the starting point.
If the Stamina bar cannot be recharged with Potions or Farm Item, at the moment it becomes empty (Stamina bar = 0), the Player will be kicked out of this area and moved to the Lobby where the player stays to recover the Stamina bar.
Strengthen the NFT by fighting monsters in this area. Monsters are divided into 5 levels from weak to strong so players can choose which monsters to fight to increase the power of NFT and earn ingame tokens (GDC).
Each day the player will be able to fight a total of 24 times (an hour cooldown) but only 12 times can receive EXP and GDC from the PVE area, and the player can only store up to 5 times. That means if 5 times the player can't use it, it can't be increased to the 6th, must use less of the number of hits to be able to increase the number of hits later.
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