NFT Characters
NFTs will be classified based on rarity: C, B/ B+, A/ A+, S/S+, Demigod and God.
NFT properties:
  • Defense (Bracelet, Necklace, Glasses, Fins, Suit, Headwear): Reduces damage.
  • Skill (Place of birth): Players can also combine combos when they have evolved enough.
  • God's ability (Wings, Weapons): make use of God's skills.
  • Speed (Shoe, Body): Determines the order of the NFT's attacks against monsters or other players. If the speed points of monsters or players are equal, the order of attack will be prioritized based on: Speed -> HP -> Defense -> Skill. In case all are equal, the order of fighting will be random.
NFT Attributes
Each NFT will have 100 levels, and depending on each level, there will be a certain amount of experience points to level up. NFT attribute stats (HP, Defense, Skill, ...) will increase after leveling up. Besides, players also need to use some GDC as a fee to upgrade NFT.
Details of EXP and GDC to level up will be in the file:
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