HolySharks Farming
In this area, players will start with three default plots. Players can buy seeds or plots at the relevant NPCs to buy.
Each seed will have a different price. A seed with a chance to receive rare rewards will cost more and take longer to harvest.
Besides, the player also has to take care of the plants by watering and pesticides. Watering and pest control will occur at the beginning of planting and preparing for the daily harvest if the delay will affect receiving the reward after harvesting.
Specifically, within 4 hours from the appearance of worms or plants that need water, if the player does not operate, the rate will be reduced by 10% and 25% for the next 8 hours. And the plants will die from being eaten by worms or withering due to not being watered after 24 hours.
About the harvest time, players can buy fertilizers at the relevant NPC to accelerate the plant's growth and harvest earlier than planned. Besides, the fertilization will have the ability to get rare rewards after harvest.
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