To start the breeding process, the NFT must be at least level 30.
For each significant evolution at level 30 and level 70, the NFT will receive two spawns. (Total 4 times).
Two NFTs must have the same ranking, or the difference is not more than one ranking.
In addition, players will have to pay a certain amount of GDC based on the rank of two NFTs.
After starting the breeding process, these 2 NFTs will be locked for a period of 4h - during this time, the locked NFTs can't trade, PVE or PVP,... After that, 2 NFTs will have a cooldown of 48 hours to start breeding for the next batch.
After success, the player will receive 1 type of egg. This egg will hatch into any 1 NFT distributed at all levels, and the eggs can be sold or used depending on the player's purpose. The next time for eggs to hatch is 24h-72h; the longer the time, the higher the rate of genuine NFT.
Eggs will grow larger over time.
Players can randomly receive additional rewards after eggs hatch (GDC, farm products, mining turn) Regarding the interface, this mechanism will appear on the main screen. Players can click this button to monitor the development of the egg.
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