Besides, the project is designed in a "Play To Earn" mechanism and artistic collection - play and collect - speculative to earn money. Players can earn HLS/GDC tokens and NFT Sharks by defeating bosses or other players and contributing to the ecosystem.
Treasure Hunting
HolySharks allows:
  • Battle: Participating in Holywar (PVE, PVP, Tournament, Ranking, WorldBoss) to earn the rewards.
  • Evolution: Players can evolve Sharks to create new Sharks (a chance to become a God or a Demigod). One Shark will be combined into another one, letting the player upgrade their better Sharks by burning less valuable Sharks. A new one will have a NEW FIGURE, NEW ABILITY & NEW POWER.
  • Holylands: It includes Field, Shed, and Mine to generate ingredients that empower your characters in the Game.
  • Ocean economy: It has a decentralized marketplace, auction, deflation system, and stored value assets to build an excellent economy.
Players will have characters, called Sharks, classified by class and have six attributes as follows:
  • HP: Blood.
  • God ability chance: Increases the chance of getting skills and awakening god skills.
  • Skill: Skill will be divided by class of Shark. Sharks can combine many skills simultaneously (combo) if they possess enough equipment and evolution.
  • Speed: Speed determines the turn order. Sharks with a higher speed point will take the attack first in order. If two Sharks have the same speed point, the player who has the right to fight first will be compared based on the order of priority: Speed -> God abilities -> HP -> Defense -> Skill abilities.
  • Defense: reduces damage per hit.
A shark will have: Lands, Place-Of-Birth, Weapon, Wing, Body, Shark Fin, Tail, Shoes, Shirt, Bracelet, Necklace, Mouth, Eyes, Hat, and Glasses.
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