Game Story
In the year 2500, with the population explosion, emissions and waste increased excessively, resources were gradually depleted, making the earth no longer suitable for life. Governments and billionaires around the world have been trying to create giant spacecraft, where people live temporarily and drift in space, searching the universe for a new home. Humans have conducted experiments to send a series of creatures to different planets in space to determine which planets can sustain their lives.
Among the planets searched, there was a planet covered with water. Humans then released ocean creatures that could withstand the harshest conditions on this planet. Every day people still monitor the life of these creatures on the above planets. But the next hundred years passed, all hope for the promised land was almost hopeless. The reserves on the spaceships were also gradually exhausted.
One day, the Center spacecraft received strange signals from a particular planet. Immediately, the leadership team sent a group of scientists and astronauts to fly the spacecraft LB-339 to find out this unknown signal. As it approached the asteroid, LB-339 was attacked by a mysterious force on this planet but was fortunately rescued by the HolyShark.
Since these creatures are initially from the earth, they are pretty friendly to humans (through smell and special recognition). Due to the rapid development of technology, it is possible to live in the ocean through assistive devices. Here people have discovered that the land is formed by the creatures they have released here, called HollyWorld.
The group of astronauts and scientists decided to choose this place to stay, start rebuilding the future of humanity, cooperate with the HolySharks to build and develop the promised land they have found. Besides, they have to fight with mysterious forces on this planet, opening a new era of humanity, ocean creatures, and other creatures.
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