Official HolySharks Whitepaper, last updated October 2021
Welcome to HolyShark
Recently, people have witnessed a rapid growth in both quantity and quality of NFTs, which offer collectible value and are also considered a high potential form of investment.
Facing the current epidemic, many people have lost their source of income, but in return, earning revenue from blockchain games has helped users enjoy their life right now. Holysharks is an ocean world metaverse game and art collection platform built on blockchain.
Realizing that great potential, HolySharks was established, formerly a group of four developers, two designers, one marketer, and one financial advisor. With experiences in both blockchain and traditional business environments, we will provide users with the best product. It proves that we believe in this market's development potential and want to bring a playground where the participants themselves will control the changes in the products they participate in. The most prominent feature in this HolyShark project is HolyWorld.
In HolyWorld, players will collect and nurture ocean creatures (especially sharks). People can do quests to collect Sharks, gather their team to fight, buy & sell Sharks with other players. Sharks are encrypted into NFT and minted on BSC in the sale, so ownership of the Sharks is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.
Through blockchain technologies, HolyShark will bring users:
  • Tokenization and digitalization of gaming characters.
  • Create artistic and unique NFTs. Leverage the trend of NFTs more.
  • Create many mechanisms to expand the playing field in the field of NFTs for users.
  • Stable Passive Income Revenue earning modal.
in Game Beta
Players can earn by:
  • Collecting and speculating on rare Sharks such as God and Demigod.
  • Planting, breeding, mining to collect the ingredients to increase Sharks power. Then, participating in PvE, PVP, Ranking, Tournaments, World Boss battles to win leaderboard prizes.
  • Sacrifice a shark and a little God Currency/HLS are the ingredients to evolve main Sharks.
  • Evolve Sharks and sell them on the marketplace.
  • These can be sold on exchanges such as Pancakeswap and CEX.
  • Become the King of the Ocean. When you are a king of the ocean, you can get more HLS or GDC ( money in the game).
  • Become HLS holders to share of the Holy treasury.
  • Become NFT holders to share of the Holy treasury and all NFT sales.
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